Let's Get Crafty!

September 10, 2019


At the end of last school year, Dyer second grade teacher Mrs. Reed entered a contest to have the Denton based store SCRAP come do an hour of art in her classroom.
She won!


Yesterday, Jacie from SCRAP came and conducted a hands-on craft lesson with Mrs. Reed's class. Jacie discussed the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling with students before showing them various crafts made from items that are reused! Students saw flowers made from bottle caps and silly straws, a bumblebee made from old CDs and map paper, and a jellyfish made from ribbons, fabric, and bottle caps!

jacie from scrap shows students a jellyfish craft

Then, students were able to make a self-portrait using scraps of fabric and buttons. Our students were really able to showcase their creativity, using fun patterns and colors to create hair and clothes for their self-portraits.


Thank you SCRAP Denton for this incredible and fun opportunity!

fabirc self portraits