End of Year Awards

We are going to host an Awards Day, and are so excited to be able to offer this opportunity to celebrate the successes of this school year! Below you will find the class times. Please park at the back of the school (by the gym), and sign in at the table outside. You will be allowed to enter the gym after the group ahead of yours has fully exited. We are trying to keep the groups of students smaller than in the past.


5th Grade- Monaghan, McGraw, Thomson- 8:15am

5th Grade- Thorpe, Edwards- 9:10am

4th Grade- Mosely, Eubanks, Murphy- 9:50

4th Grade- Wilson, Thompson- 10:45

3rd Grade- Becker, Gentry- 12:50

3rd Grade- Libick, Dillon, Cates- 1:30

2nd Grade- Bell, Arriaga, Russell, Reed- 2:25