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Hattie Dyer Tinker Yard


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  • Donate to the Krum Education Foundation so they can continue giving back to KISD in Grants such as this one.

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Hattie Dyer's Getting A Tinker Yard 

Thanks to the Krum Education Foundation's funding of our "Tinkering with the TEKS" grant, Hattie Dyer Elementary's existing playground equipment will be enhanced using storage units, basic building materials, and common household items to revolutionize our playground into an outdoor Tinker yard complete with a variety of outdoor learning centers.This project will simultaneously provide real world math, science, ELA, art, music, engineering, and problem-solving interactions, while allowing students the freedom and thrill of exploring together outside. Teachers and students will step into a tinkering wonderland when they frequent the outdoor learning area/playground. 

We will be adding an Outdoor Instructional Space, Reading Garden, Math Station, Engineering Space, Art Area, Weather Monitoring Station, a Music Area and so much more!